Johanna Smith (ship)

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Builder: W.A. Magee at Kruse & Banks, North Bend, Oregon
Launched: 1917
Fate: Sunk after fire in 1932
Status: "Engined 1919. Hulked 1928"[1]
Notes: Known as 14 Minute Wreck.
General characteristics
Class and type: Lumber schooner (steam)
Tonnage: 1921 tons
Length: 257 ft.
Beam: 50 ft.

The Johanna Smith was a wooden-hulled schooner that transported lumber along the West Coast. She was built near North Bend, Oregon in 1917. She was sold to the Coos Bay Lumber company in 1918 and transported lumber until 1928.

"Built during First World War, shortages prohibited the installation of an engine in the Johanna Smith ... she was used as a barge until 1921, when she became one of only two Pacific Coast steam schooners to be powered by steam turbines."[2]

In 1928, she was converted into a gambling ship, and was moored off Long Beach, California.

She burned on July 22, 1932. The cause of the fire was never determined.

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