John Palmer (schooner)

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The John Palmer was a schooner that was wrecked with loss of life on 23 November 1818 in the Kent Group in Bass Strait.

The John Palmer arrived at the site of the shipwrecked Daphne at East Island in the Kent Group on 23 November where it picked up three passengers from the Daphne, including Emma Hook, and a Lascar seaman. For reasons unknown the ship also picked up a bag of coin containing 400 pounds from the Daphne. As the ship attempted to beat out of the bay the ship was driven onto the rocks and became a total wreck. Emma Hook drowned, but the remaining sailors and passengers made it to shore. There they awaited rescue by Captain Howard on the Governor Sorrell. [1]

The John Palmer a schooner of 37 tons was constructed in Cockle Bay, Sydney in 1814 and was owned by Captain Bastian of Sydney. [2]


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