KRI Dewaruci

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KRI Dewaruci
KRI Dewaruci
Career (Indonesian Navy) 100x35px
Name: KRI Dewaruci
Nickname: KRI Dewaruci
Status: Still Operating
General characteristics
Class and type: Tall Ship
Length: 58.27 meters
Beam: 9.45 meters
Height: 36.48 meters
KRI Dewaruci

The KRI Dewaruci (sometimes spelled Dewa Ruci or Dewarutji) is a Class A tall ship owned and operated by the Indonesian Navy. She is used as a sail training vessel for naval cadets and is the largest tall ship in the Indonesian fleet. The Dewaruci also serves as a goodwill ambassador for the country of Indonesia to the rest of the world.

Built in Germany by HC Stülcken & Sohn, the Dewaruci is a barquentine. Construction on the Dewaruci began in 1932, but was suspended due to the outbreak of World War II, which caused heavy damage to the shipyard where she was being constructed. She was finally completed in 1952 and launched in 1953. Since then, she has been based out of Surabaya on the Java Sea. Her name and figurehead represent and display the mythological Indonesian god of truth and courage.

Until now, KRI Dewaruci still operating and periodicaly visits other foreign countries to meet other tall ships around the world.

The Dewaruci also participates in tall ship races and events around the world. As a unique feature, the ship has her own marching band.

Scantlings (ship dimensions, etc.)

  • Length: 58,27 m
  • Width: 9,5 m
  • Beam: 9,45 m
  • Draft: 4,05 m
  • Height: 36,48 m
  • Sail area: 1090,50 m²
  • Hull: Steel
  • Crew: 75
  • Year built: 1953
  • Flag: Indonesia


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