Khersones (ship)

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File:Khersones at SAIL Amsterdam 2005.jpg
Khersones at SAIL Amsterdam 2005 (Photograph by Dirk van der Made)
Career (Ukraine)
Owner: Kerch Marine Technological Institute
Builder: Lenin Shipyard, Gdańsk
Launched: 1989
Status: Bareboat charterer, Inmaris Windjammer Chartering GmbH, Hamburg
Notes: Home port, Kerch
General characteristics
Class and type: Russian Maritime Register Special Purpose Ship !A
Length: 108.6 metres (356 ft)
Beam: 14 metres (46 ft)
Draft: 6,8 m
Propulsion: sail, 2 1,000 hp. auxiliary engines
Sail plan: 3-masted ship rig; sail area 2,770 square metres (29,800 sq ft), 26 sails,[1] height 49.5 metres (162 ft)[2]
Complement: 42, including 2 teachers; 72 cadets; 91 trainees/passengers, max. 250 for day sails
Notes: Speed under sail, 18 kn.; under power, 9 kn.[1]

The Khersones or Chersones (Ukrainian: Херсонес) is a Ukrainian three-mast tall ship, a full rigged ship. It was built in 1989 in Gdańsk Shipyard, Poland, in a series of six sister ships (among which also the Mir), after the designs of Zygmunt Choreń. The ship is named after the city of Kherson on the North coast of the Black Sea.

Today Khersones is a training ship for the Kerch Marine Technological Institute. Like many Eastern European training ships she also takes on board paying passengers. She partakes in many windjammer regattas.[2]


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Khersones on the River Mersey

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