Lewis Francis Herreshoff

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Lewis Francis Herreshoff
Born 1890
Bristol, RI, USA
Died December 1972
Occupation Ship Designer

Lewis Francis Herreshoff (1890-1972), commonly known as L. Francis Herreshoff. Born in Bristol, Rhode Island, near the waters of Narragansett Bay, son of the noted boat designer, Captain Nathanael Herreshoff, L. Francis Herreshoff was a 20th century boat designer, naval architect, editor and author of books and magazine articles. Early in his career he worked for the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. and for naval architect Starling Burgess. In 1926 he became self-employed, designing both racing and cruising sailing yachts, plus many canoes, kayaks and other small craft. His books include The Common Sense of Yacht Design, The Compleat Cruiser, Capt. Nat Herreshoff: The Wizard of Bristol, The Writings of L. Francis Herreshoff, Sensible Cruising Designs and An L. Francis Herreshoff Reader. He published numerous magazine articles, notably the 'How To Build' series in the magazine The Rudder.

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