List of people who sailed on clipper ships

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  • Charles Keeler -- American author, adventure, poet, naturalist and advocate for the arts, particularly architecture. Traveled around Cape Horn on a clipper in 1893.
  • Sara Delano Roosevelt -- Mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Voyage to China at age eleven with her mother and six brothers and sisters.
  • Corliss P. Stone -- Elected Mayor of Seattle, 1872. Arrived on the West Coast via clipper ship.

Missionaries to China

Crew members

  • Adelbert Ames -- Mate on a clipper, seaman on his father’s ship. Became a Union general in the Civil War, Reconstruction era politician, and Spanish-American War general.
  • Hobart Bosworth -- Cabin boy. Became a famous actor.
  • Michael Healy -- Cabin boy on a clipper. Became the first African-American to command a ship of the United States government.
  • Edmund Rice (general) -- Apprentice to a clipper captain. Became a Brigadier General.