MV Dittisham Princess

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MV Dittisham Princess alongside Dartmoth Town Pontoon in River Link colours
Career (UK) Red Ensign (UK)
Name: MV Dittisham Princess
Namesake: Dittisham in South Devon, UK
  • River Dart (1995)
  • Launched: 1995
    Status: Operating on the River Dart between Dartmouth and Totnes
    General characteristics
    Type: Twin-Screw Motor Vessel
    Length: 70 feet (21 m) LOA
    Decks: 2
    Propulsion: Twin Diesels
    Capacity: 181 Passengers.[1]

    The MV Dittisham Princess is a twin screw passenger vessel, operating on the River Dart in South Devon, UK. She is presently mainly used for charters, winter services and as a relief vessel, on the cruise / ferry route between Dartmouth and Totnes, and on circular cruises from Dartmouth, for Dart Pleasure Craft Ltd. [2]


    MV Dittisham Princess is a steel twin-deck passenger vessel. The main deck is flush, with a short raised foredeck to provide additional seaworthiness. There is a fully enclosed saloon with bar and toilets on the main deck, with a large open deck on the upper deck along with the wheelhouse, accessed by external stairways both forward and aft. There are further open passenger decks forward and aft on the main deck. Her twin engines are located in the hull underneath the passenger accommodation [2]


    Built for G.H. Riddalls and Sons in 1995 to replace the MV Dartmothian. She has the same hull form as the Plymouth Sound II of Plymouth, but her superstructure is rather different. In 2000 the Riddalls fleet was bought by Dart Pleasure Craft Ltd and she was transferred to their fleet, with her former red hull painted blue. Despite being the newest ship in the fleet, she appears to see little use. [2]


    When built the MV Diitisham Princess appeared in 'Red Cruisers' Livery, of red hull, white boot topping, green anti-fouling and white superstructure. She now is painted in 'River Link' Livery of dark blue hull, with St George's Cross flag on the bow, white boot topping, red antifouling, white superstructure with yellow stripe and the words 'River Link'. Riddalls tried various combinations of red and white for the raised bow section, it is currently mainly white, with the blue paint raised slightly from the level of the main deck.

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