MV Empire Albany

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Name: Empire Albany (1944-46)
Albany (1946)
Owner: Ministry of War Transport (1944-46)
Mrs P Dowds (1946)
Operator: J Fisher & Sons Ltd (1944-46)
Mrs P Dowds (1946)
Port of registry: Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Lowestoft (1944-46)
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland (1946)
Builder: Richards Ironworks Ltd, Lowestoft
Yard number: 337
Launched: 3 October 1944
Completed: December 1944
Identification: UK Official Number 166695 ()1944-46)
Code letters MPDM (1944-46)
Fate: Sank 20 November 1946
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 306 GRT
Length: 132 feet 5 inches (40.36 m)
Beam: 24 feet 6 inches (7.47 m)
Depth: 7 feet 9 inches (2.36 m)
Propulsion: 2 x SCSA diesel engines (Crossley, Manchester) 110 hp (82 kW)

Empire Albany was a 306 ton Coaster which was built in 1944. She was renamed Albany in 1946 and disappeared on a voyage between Port Talbot and Rosslare in 1946.


Empire Albany was built by Richards Ironworks Ltd, Lowestoft as yard number 337. She was launched on 3 October 1944 and completed in December 1944. Empire Airman was owned by the Ministry of War Transport[1] and operated under the management of the J Fisher & Sons Ltd.[2]

In 1946, Empire Albany was sold to Mrs P Dowds, Eire and renamed Albany. On 20 November 1946, Albany departed Port Talbot bound for Rosslare, but did not arrive.[3] Albany was carying a cargo of coal. Two ship's boats and the name board from Albany were washed up near St David's Head on 22 November.[4]

Official number and code letters

Official numbers were a forerunner to IMO Numbers.

Empire Airman had the Official Number 166695 on Lloyd's Register and used the Code Letters MPBM[2]


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