MV Reine Mathilde

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Reine Mathilde was a ferry operated by Brittany Ferries. She was built as the MS Prince of Fundy in 1970 by Schiffbau Gesellschaft Unterweser, AG, Bremerhaven, Germany for service between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


In 1976 the ship was chartered to Lion Ferry to sail on the Varberg - Grenå route between 27 November 1976 and March 1978.

Chartered by Brittany Ferries from 17 April 1978 initially to sail on the Portsmouth-Santander her main route was Portsmouth-Saint Malo under the name Prince of Brittany. She was subsequently bought and registered in France in 1980. On 30 December 1988 she was renamed Reine Mathilde in preparation for her transfer to the Portsmouth-Caen(Ouistreham) route alongside the Duc de Normandie. Prior to the arrivial of the Normandie Reine Mathilde was retired from service with Brittany Ferries and sold. She was quickly chartered by British Channel Island Ferries (in which Brittany Ferries held a large share). In 1992 she took up service between Poole and the Channel Islands as the Bahamas registered Beauport. By the end of 1993 BCIF were experiencing financial difficulties due to competition from Condor Ferries and the Beauport was returned to its owner, her passenger ship role with BCIF being taken by the Havelet.

Beauport was laid up in Southampton until mid-1994 when she was chartered to the Stern Maritime Line for their Bari - Cesme route. After sailing for SML, the ship was laid up again in 1994 but quickly found work with a Greek shipping company between Brindisi, Igoumenitsa and Patras. After which she continued on the Mediterranean regularly sailing to Morocco for COMANAV. Between work with COMANAV Beauport was chartered to the Private Media Group and carried the marketing name of Private Lady.

In 2000 Beauport moved to Sancak Lines for service between Brindisi and Cesme. Later that year she was chartered to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2005 she was sent to India and was scrapped on a beach at Alang.

Naming history

  • Prince of Fundy - Lion Ferry Ab, Halmstad: 1970-1978
  • Prince of Brittany - Brittany Ferries: 1978-1988
  • Reine Mathilde - Brittany Ferries: 1988-1991
  • Beauport: 1991-2005


  • Gross Tonnage: 5,464
  • Length: 119.60m
  • Beam: 18.10m
  • Speed: 17knots
  • Crew: -
  • Cars: 210 + 20 lorries
  • Passengers: 1020
  • Cabins: 520

Onboard Facilities

The facilities listed as known to have been onboard the vessel during its time as the Reine Mathilde and Beauport during its service with British Channel Island Ferries. It is likely that during the vessels time as Prince of Brittany the facilities and names remained much the same as they were on Reine Mathilde. The range of facilities on Beauport after her BCIF service is unknown at this time.

Bars and Restaurants

  • Restaurant - Deck 6 (Restaurant Deck)
Known as La Bisquine when the vessel was named Reine Mathilde (a bisquine is a traditional sailing vessel, see one on the Chausey page). When the vessel became the Beauport of British Channel Island Ferries the forward section of the restaurant area became a reclining seat lounge while the remaining part of the restaurant became the Dolphin Carvery Restaurant.
  • Self Service Restaurant - Deck 6 (Restaurant Deck).
Known as Le Verger on Reine Mathilde and Orchard Restaurant on Beauport.
  • Bar - Deck 7 (Boarding Deck/Boat Deck)
Le Semaphore on Reine Mathilde. Renamed Corbiere Bar on Beauport after the first vessel of Channel Island Ferries and the Jersey lighthouse.


  • Shop - Deck 6 (Restaurant Deck)
  • Perfume Shop - Deck 5 (Cabin Deck)
Removed when renamed Beauport and combined with the main shop.
  • 'The Newsstand' - Magazine and newspaper kiosk - Deck 5 (Cabin Deck)
Does not appear on plans for the vessel as Beauport.

Other Facilities

  • Children's Play Area - Deck 6 (Restaurant Deck).
  • Cabins (De-luxe, 2 and 4 berth standard cabins - Deck 2 (Inferior Deck/Lower Cabin Deck) and Deck 5 (Cabin Deck)
  • Reclining Seat Lounges - Deck 6 (Restaurant Deck).
As previously mentioned part of the restaurant became a reclining seat lounge when the vessel was renamed Beauport.

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