Nathaniel B. Palmer (icebreaker)

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Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer, serving the National Science Foundation.
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Name: RV Nathaniel B. Palmer
Namesake: Nathaniel Palmer
Owner: National Science Foundation
Operator: Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc.
Builder: Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc.
Yard number: 137[1]
Launched: 1992
Identification: IMO number: 9007257[1]

MMSI Number: 200155768

Callsign: WBP3210
Status: in service
General characteristics
Tonnage: GT 6174
Length: 93.9 metres (308 ft)
Beam: 18.3 metres (60 ft)
Depth: 9.1 metres (30 ft)

Main propulsion: 12,720 hp (9,485 kW)
Bow Thruster: 1,400 hp (1,040 kW)

Stern Thruster: 800 hp (600 kW)
Endurance: 75 days
Complement: 72
Crew: 22
Aircraft carried: helicopter

The Nathaniel B. Palmer is an ice-capable research ship in the service of the U.S. National Science Foundation. It is tasked with extended scientific missions in the Antarctic.[2][3] The vessel carries a helicopter and about four dozen scientists on expeditions that last for months.

The vessel is named after Nathaniel Palmer, the first American credited with sighting Antarctica.[2]

The vessel was purpose-built for the NSF by Edison Chouest Offshore, and was launched in 1992. Edison Chouest continues to own and operate the Palmer, but it is chartered by the NSF.



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