Poseidon 644

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The Poseidon is a ship owned by Triton, placed in Culemborg, the Netherlands and is made in 1973 by shipping company 'Beenhakker', Kinderdijk. The Dutch ship is called a 'lily skate' and has sail number 644. The sails consist of a mainsail and jib, which can be extended with a kite and a topsail.

Dimensions ship

Overall length: 5.25 meters
Overall width: 2.00 meters
Draft: 0.30 meters
Creep height: 0.80 meters
Displacement: 500 kg


Mees van der Werf (boatswain)
Wouter (quartermaster)
Jarno van Breukel
Bart Rustige
Stijn janssen

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