RV Kilo Moana (T-AGOR-26)

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Stern of the Kilo Moana
Career (USA)
Name: Kilo Moana
Owner: Office of Naval Research
Builder: Atlantic Marine, Mobile, Alabama
Laid down: 9 February 2001
Launched: 17 November 2001
Acquired: by the U.S. Navy, 3 September 2003; by the University of Hawaii on 3 September 2003
In service: as R/V Kilo Moana (T-AGOR-26)
Identification: Hawaii: HA 0532 XS
Notes: currently in service
General characteristics
Type: Kilo Moana-class oceanographic research ship
Tonnage: 1407 RGT
Displacement: 2547 LT at 25’ draft
Tons burthen: 3060 IGT
Length: 186’
Beam: 88’
Draft: 25’ (Max), 23’ (Min)
Speed: 15 knots (maximum)
Range: 10,000 NM @ 12 Kts
Endurance: 50 days Food/Stores/FW
Capacity: fuel: 130,000 Gals
Crew: crew: 20 scientific personnel: 28

R/V Kilo Moana (T-AGOR-26) is a small waterplane area twin hull oceanographic research ship owned by the US Navy and operated by the University of Hawaii as a part of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) fleet[1]. She was designed to operate in coastal and blue water areas. The unique SWATH hull form provides a comfortable, stable platform in high sea conditions.

Built in Alabama

Kilo Moana was built by Atlantic Marine, Jacksonville, FL, for the Office of Naval Research. She was laid down on 9 February 2001 and launched on 17 November 2001. On 3 September 2003 Kilo Moana was delivered to the U.S. Navy as a Kilo Moana-class oceanographic research ship and leased to the University of Hawaii on the same day.

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