Russian cruiser Diana (1899)

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Career (Russia) Ensign of the Russian Navy
Builder: Admiralty Shipyard, St. Petersburg
Laid down: 23 May 1897
Launched: 30 September 1899
Commissioned: 10 December 1901
Fate: Scrapped at Bremen in 1922
General characteristics
Class and type: Pallada-class protected cruiser
Displacement: 6657 tons
Length: 126.8 m (416.0 ft)
Beam: 16.8 m (55.1 ft)
Propulsion: Triple shaft. Three triple expansion reciprocating steam engines; 24 coal-fired Belleville boilers. Total power 11,600 hp
Speed: 20 knots
Complement: 570

The Diana was the second of three Pallada-class protected cruisers built for the Imperial Russian Navy. The cruiser served as part of the First Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War and took part in the Battle of the Yellow Sea on August 10, 1904. Later, she served as part of Russian Baltic Fleet during the World War I but saw little action.


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