Russian gunboat Korietz

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Russian gunboat Korietz
Career (Russian Empire) Russian Naval Ensign
Name: Korietz
Laid down: 1886
Launched: August 7, 1886
Commissioned: 1888
Decommissioned: 1904
Fate: Blown up after the Battle of Chemulpo Bay
General characteristics
Class and type: gunboat
Displacement: 1334 t
Length: 66.3 m (218 ft)
Beam: 10.7 m (35 ft)
Draught: 3.5 m (11 ft)
Propulsion: Sails, horizontal one shaft double expansion steam engine
Speed: 13.5 knots (25 km/h)
Range: 2850 nautical miles (at 8 knots)
Complement: 12 officers and 162 sailors
Armament: 2 х 203 mm,
1 х 152 mm
4 х 9 pdrs
4 — 37 mm
1 — 64 mm
1 х 381 mm torpedo tube
File:Russian gunboat Korietz blown up at Chemulpo.jpg
The Russian gunboat Korietz is blown up at Chemulpo

Korietz (Russian: Кореец) was a Russian gunboat served in Russian Pacific Fleet. Laid down in Stockholm in 1886, launched on August 7, 1886, commissioned in 1888. There were 8 more gunboats of her class - Mandzhur and Khivinets served on the Baltic, Donets, Zaporozhets, Kubanets, Terets, Uralets and Chernomorets on the Black Sea.

Participated in the joint attack on Taku Forts in May-June 1900.

Together with Russian cruiser Varyag they participated in the Battle of Chemulpo Bay with the Imperial Japanese Navy.

A day before the Japanese made a pre-emptive strike, Korietz (under the command of G.P.Belyaev) was sent by Varyag’s captain Rudnev to Port Arthur with a letter to the Russian governor. Korietz was intercepted by Japanese destroyers and forced to turn back. As Belyaev reported, destroyers fired some torpedoes into his gunboat (or, at least, initiated the attack) and he returned fire with two shots from the 37mm gun - the first of the Russo-Japanese War.

Korietz was equipped with two 203-mm (8 in) old heavy guns, none of this type or heavier were present aboard the Varyag.

Korietz was blown up and scuttled after the battle on February 9, 1904.

Etymology of the name: Korietz is a Russian word for "Korean man", Mandzhur - "Manchuria man", Khivinets - "Khiva man", Donets - "Don Cossack" (literally "Don man"), Kubanets - "Kuban Cossack" ("Kuban man"), Terets - "Terek Cossack" ("Terek man"), Uralets - "Ural Cossack" ("Ural man"), Chernomorets - "Black Sea man" and Zaporozhets - "Zaporozhian Cossack".

Second gunboat

There was a second gunboat named Korietz, laid down in 1906 at the Putilov Plant in Saint Petersburg. She was of the Gilyak class. At the end of the First World War she participated in the Battle of Moon Sound, but was blown up by her crew on August 8, 1915 in to avoid having to be surrendered to German forces.

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