SMS Eber (1887)

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SMS Eber on the beach of Apia after the cyclone
Career (Germany) German Imperial Navy Ensign
Name: SMS Eber
Commissioned: September 1887
In service: 1887-1889
Fate: wrecked in 1889
General characteristics
Displacement: 735-ton

The SMS Eber, a 735-ton iron-hulled gunboat, was built at Kiel, Germany for gunboat diplomacy in the Pacific. It was a barque-rigged auxiliary steamer. After commissioning in September 1887 she was sent to the Pacific to serve in the German Colonial Empire. She disarmed the inhabitants of Nauru in 1888,[1] ending their civil war and annexing the island to the German Empire. The Eber was anchored in Apia Harbor, Samoa, during the 1889 Apia cyclone of 15-16 March 1889. Though she was the most modern of the seven warships present, damage to her propeller made it impossible for her to survive the violent wind and seas.[2] After a long struggle, Eber was forced against the edge of the harbor reef and sank quickly, with the loss of 73 of her crewmen.[3]


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