SMS Siegfried

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SMS Siegfried was the first of a class of eight armoured coastal defence ships (Küstenpanzerschiffe) built for the German Imperial Navy between 1889 and 1895. The others in the class were SMS Beowulf, SMS Frithjof, SMS Heimdall, SMS Hildebrand, SMS Hagen, SMS Odin, and SMS Ägir. The latter two, somewhat larger, are sometimes considered a separate class of their own. All were named after heroes or gods in Nordic/Germanic mythology.

The ships displaced 3,690 tons, with a length of 79 meters, a beam of 14.9 meters and a draught of 5.79 meters. Their top speed was 14.5 knots (26.9 km/h) with a crew 276 officers and men. The armament consisted of three 24 cm guns in centrally mounted shallow turrets -- two of them side-by-side facing forward, the other in the back facing aft. In addition, they carried eight 88 mm guns and six 35 cm torpedo tubes.

All of the ships were sold or scrapped in 1919.

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