SS Booker T. Washington

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Captain and crew of the new Liberty Ship SS Booker T. Washington just after it completed its maiden voyage to England. (L-R) C. Lastic, Second Mate; T. J. Young, Midshipman; E. B. Hlubik, Midshipman; C. Blackman, Radio Operator; T. A. Smith, Chief Engineer; Hugh Mulzac, Captain of the ship; Adolphus Fokes, Chief Mate; Lt. H. Kruley; E. P. Rutland, Second Engineer; and H. E. Larson, Third Engineer." Captain Hugh Mulzac is fourth from the left on the first row. February 8, 1943.

The SS Booker T. Washington was an American Liberty ship laid down on 19 August 1942 and launched on 29 September. Of the 2,700 Liberty ships built, this was the first of 17 that were named after African Americans.

It is also notable that its first captain was Hugh Mulzac, who was the first African American to command a ship in the United States Merchant Marine. In 1942, the ship has an integrated crew of 18 nationalities. Between 1942 and 1947, it had made 22 round trip voyages ferrying troops and supplies to Europe and the Pacific theatre.

The ship was sold to a private owner in 1947 and scrapped in 1969.

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