SS Empire Arrow

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Name: Empire Arrow
Owner: Standard Transportation Co Inc, (1921-31)
Standard-Vacuum Transportation Co (1931-34)
Socony-Vacuum Oil Co (1934-39)
Port of registry: 22x20px New York
Builder: New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey
Yard number: 261
Laid down: 14 September 1920
Launched: 24 May 1921
Completed: September 1921
Identification: US Official Number 221600
Code letters MDOT (1921-34)
Code letters KDUG (1934-39)
Fate: Scrapped at Philadelphia, USA 1939
General characteristics
Tonnage: 8,046 GRT
Length: 468 feet 3 inches (142.72 m)
Beam: 62 feet 7 inches (19.08 m)
Depth: 32 feet (9.75 m)
Propulsion: 1 x quadruple expansion steam engine (New York Shipbuilding Corporation) 625 horsepower (466 kW)
Speed: 10.5 knots (19.4 km/h)
Complement: 39 crew

Empire Arrow was a steam powered oil tanker which was launched in 1921 and scrapped in 1939.


Empire Arrow was built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey. She was launched on 21 May 1921 and completed in September.[1] She was the last ship built on South Yard Shipway No 2.[2] Empire Arrow was built for the Standard Transportation Co Inc,[3] In 1931, she was transferred to the Standard-Vacuum Transportato Co.[4] In 1934,[5] she was sold to the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.[3] Empire Arrow was scrapped by Northern Metals Co, Philadelphia. She arrived for scrapping on 10 January 1939.[4]


Empire Arrow was powered by a quadruple expansion steam engine of 625 horsepower (466 kW) built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation. The cylinders were 24, 36, 51 and 75 inches (610, 914, 1,295 and 1,905 mm) in diameter and the stroke was 51 inches (1,295 mm).[6] The engine drove a single screw. She was capable of 10.5 knots (19.4 km/h).[1]

Official number and code letters

Official numbers were a forerunner to IMO Numbers.

Empire Arrow had the US Official number 221600.[5]. Empire Arrow used the code letters MDOT until 1934[6] and KDUG from 1934.[5]