SS Empire Javelin

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Career (UK) United Kingdom
Class and type: Infantry landing ship
Name: SS Empire Javelin
Owner: Ministry of War Transport
Builder: Consolidated Steel Corporation, Wilmington, California
Launched: 25 October 1943
Renamed: Built as Cape Lobos
Empire Javelin in 1943
Fate: Sunk on 28 December 1944
General characteristics
Tonnage: 7,177 tons grt
Length: 396 ft (121 m)
Beam: 50 ft (15 m)
Propulsion: Steam turbines
Armament: 1 x 4 in gun
1 x 12 pdr gun
12 x 20mm guns

SS Empire Javelin was an Infantry Landing Ship or "LSI(Large)" in service with the British during the late stages of the Second World War. She saw service as a troop transport during Operation Overlord, or "D-Day", on 6 June 1944.[1]

She was built by Consolidated Steel Corporation, Wilmington, California as the Cape Lobos, and transferred under the terms of lend lease shortly after being completed in 1943 under the name Empire Javelin.[2] She was operated by the Ministry of War Transport.[3]


The ship carried troops of the 1st Battalion 116th Infantry regiment of US 29th Division, destined for Dog Green Omaha Beach, Normandy. Most notably, the ship carried members of Company A, 116th Infantry, who were from Bedford, Virginia. Bedford is the home of the United States' National D-Day Memorial.


The Empire Javelin was torpedoed and sunk by a U-boat in the English Channel at 50.05N 01.00W on 28th December 1944. Initially it was thought that the U-boat was U-772,[4] however it was later revealed that U-772 was itself sunk earlier that month.[5] Another U-boat, U-322, was active in the area on the same day, however this was sunk on December 29th 1944,[6] so there is no definitive proof of what sank the Empire Javelin, although a mine is suspected.[7]