SS Empire Kestrel

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SS Empire Kestrel was a 2,674 GRT, 5,050 DWT cargo ship built by Great Lakes Engineering Works of Ecorse, Michigan. Completed in 1919 as SS Lake Ellithorpe for the Template:USSB, she was sold to the Newtex Steamship Corporation of New York in 1926. In 1932, she was renamed Texas Trader. Sold to the Ministry of War Transport in 1940 she was reflagged as a British ship and renamed Empire Kestrel. She was attacked on 16 August 1943 by German aircraft and sunk by an aerial torpedo off the coast of North Africa near position 37°10′N 04°35′E / 37.167°N 4.583°E / 37.167; 4.583Coordinates: 37°10′N 04°35′E / 37.167°N 4.583°E / 37.167; 4.583.


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