SS Geronimo

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Name: SS Geronimo
Namesake: Geronimo
Builder: Permanente Metals Corp., Richmond No. 2 Yard, Richmond, California[1]
Laid down: 5 May 1943
Launched: 29 May 1943
Fate: Scrapped, 1960
General characteristics
Type: Liberty ship
Tonnage: 7,000 long tons deadweight (DWT)
Length: 441 ft 6 in (134.57 m)
Beam: 56 ft 10.75 in (17.3419 m)
Draft: 27 ft 9.25 in (8.4646 m)
Propulsion: 2 × oil fired boilers
Triple expansion steam engine, 2,500 hp (1,864 kW)
single screw
Speed: 11.5 knots (21.3 km/h; 13.2 mph)
Capacity: 9,140 tons cargo
Complement: 41
Armament: • 1 × 4 in (100 mm) deck gun
• Variety of anti-aircraft guns

SS Geronimo (Hull Number 1122) was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Geronimo, a Native American warrior who long fought against American settlers in the Old West.

The ship was laid down on 5 May 1943, then launched on 29 May 1943. The ship survived the war only to suffer the same fate as nearly all other Liberty ships; she was scrapped in 1960.