SS Robert E. Peary

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SS Robert E. Peary was the Liberty ship which was built in the shortest time. Named after an American arctic explorer, she was launched just 4 days and 15 hours and 29 minutes after the keel was laid as a publicity stunt at a time when most ships of this type took around two months.

She was built at the Permanente Metals Corporation No.2 Yard in Richmond, California. The first 200-ton piece of keel was lowered into place at one minute past midnight on 8 November 1942 and she was launched on 12 November after around 250,000 individual parts had been assembled. She sailed on her maiden voyage ten days later on 22 November carrying 43 seamen and 17 naval personnel manning her defensive armament. She was scrapped in June 1963 at Baltimore, Maryland.

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