SS Sagamore

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Name: 1893-1911: Sagamore
1911-1916: Solideo
1916-1917 Ilva
Operator: 1893-1896: Belgian American Maritime Co
1896-1916: Cogneti Schiaffino
1916-1917: A Piaggio
Builder: William Doxford & Sons
Yard number: 218
Launched: 15 June 1893
Completed: September 1893
Fate: torpedoed off Spain on 4 May 1917
General characteristics
Tonnage: 2,140 tons
Length: 94.8 m pp
Beam: 11.6 m

SS Sagamore was the only British built whaleback freighter.


Built under license from Alexander McDougall (1845–1923), the Sagamore was refused entry to England. She was owned by the Belgian American Maritime Co (which was restyled the Belgian Maritime Trading Co SA). In 1896 she was sold again to Cogneti Schiaffino of Genoa, Italy and renamed Solideo in 1911. She was renamed again as Ilva in 1916 and finally purchased by A Piaggio of Genoa in 1916. She was sailing between Genoa and Barry Roads when she was torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic off the coast of Spain on 4 May 1917 by UC-69. There were no casualties.