SS Westfalen

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Name: SS Westfalen
Namesake: The Province of Westphalia in Germany
Builder: J.C. Tecklenborg in Geestemünde, Germany
Launched: 1906
Fate: Sunk, probably by naval mine, on 7 September 1944
General characteristics

SS Westfalen was a German ship built in 1906 at J.C. Tecklenborg in Geestemünde. During World War II, the ship was used for transport between Germany and German-occupied Norway. On 7 September 1944 the ship sank off Marstrand, probably hit by a naval mine. Seventy-eight people aboard survived, but most of the locked-up Norwegian prisoners-of-war were casualties, including Petter Moen, Reidar Olaf Østlid and Sverre Lid. SS-Sturmscharführer Wilhelm Heinze also died.[1]


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