Santa Anna (ship) 1812

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The Santa Anna was a Spanish ship totally wrecked in the Straits of Timor in 1812.

The Santa Anna was a ship of 220 tons and was brought to Sydney in October 1806 after being captured by the privateer Port-au-Prince. Under the command of William Dagg the ship was sent to a seal fishery and then onto London. It returned to Sydney in February 1811 and was again sent to the seal fishery and onto London in early April. At the time of sailing it was carrying 45 tons of sperm whale oil. In 1812 on the way back to Australia it was wrecked in the Straits of Timor. All the ship's crew were saved. Some have postulated that it is the Santa Anna that is the Mahogany Ship at Warnambool. However, this is incorrect as the Santa Anna was wrecked North of Australia in 1812. [1]


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