Sea Slice

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File:USN experimental Small water area vessel.jpg
USN experimental Small water area vessel.

HSV Sea Slice is an experimental United States Navy vessel, built by Lockheed Martin.[1] Based on a variant of the SWATH hull design known as "SLICE", the Sea Slice is characterized by four teardrop-shaped submerged hulls, double the number seen on most previous designs. According to the US Navy, the design reduces waves and drag, which allows a SWATH vessel to "...operate at higher speeds while retaining their characteristic low motions in a seaway"[2]. Designed for operation in the same area as, and mount similar armament to, a LCS-type corvette[3], current weapon options include the Millennium Gun and the NetFires System, intended to launch Lockheed's (now cancelled) Loitering Attack Munition.[4]

Civilian versions of the Sea Slice hull, using the SLICE technology have been produced under license in the Philippines for use as ferries.[5]


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