Sea Sprite 34

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The Sea Sprite 34 is the largest of the Sea Sprite sailing vessels. It is also the last design by Alfred "Bill" Luders Jr. They were built by the C. E. Ryder Company of Bristol RI. The last Hull was produced in 1986. It was christened "Halcyon" and still plies the waters off the Elizabeth Islands and Westport River in Massachusetts.

File:Sea Sprite 34 sailing.jpg
Sea Sprite 34 "Halcyon"

The Sea Sprite 34 has classical lines and a full keel. She sails well even with a following Buzzards Bay chop. In a gale, partially reefed, she easily handles 10 foot seas in West Chop off Martha's Vineyard.

Typical interior layout accommodates 6. She is a good cruiser. Beamier, but similar to "Dove II", an Allied Luders 33, another Luders design, in which Robin Lee Graham completed his circumnavigation (he started when he was sixteen years old).

The Ryder company constructed them of fiberglass with an Airex core. The deck is through bolted to the hull. The 5000 pounds of lead ballast in enclosed within the 12000 pounds displacement hull. The water and fuel tanks are located below the sole, lowering the center of gravity.

The rigging and spars were provided by Halls Spars of America's Cup fame.

The Sea Sprite 34 is easily sailed and cares for her crew.

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