Shady Side (steamboat)

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Sidewheeler Shady Side
Shady Side, watercolor on paper by James Bard.
Name: Shady Side
Route: New York Harbor
Laid down: 1873
In service: 1873
Out of service: 1922
Fate: Abandoned
General characteristics
Type: inland boat passenger/freighter, wooden hull
Installed power: vertical beam steam engine
Propulsion: sidewheels

Shady Side was a steamboat that operated in New York Harbor and nearby areas starting in 1873.


Originally this vessel was owned by the Morrisiana Steamboat Company, and ran passengers to upper Manhattan and the Bronx by way of the East River. Later the vessel was used on routes to Stamford, Connecticut and Fort Lee, New Jersey, with stops at Shady-Side, Gutenburg, and Tilly Toodlum. Later the vessel came into the ownership of Marcus Garvey, running under the Black Star Line. Shady Side was abandoned in 1922.[1]


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