Smolnyy class training ship

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The Smolnyy in Krondstadt Harbour
Class overview
Builders:Szczecin Shipyard, Poland
Operators:22x20px Soviet Navy, Russian Navy
General characteristics
Displacement: 7270 tons full load
Length: 138 m
Beam: 17.2 m
Draught: 5.53 m
Propulsion: 2 shaft diesel, 16,000 hp
Speed: 20 knots
Range: 9000 nm at 14 knots
Complement: 132 + 30 Instructors + 300 cadets
Sensors and
processing systems:
    • Radar: Angara-M/Head Net-C 3-D air search
    • Sonar: Shelon hull mounted MF
Electronic warfare
and decoys:
Watch Dog intercept
Armament: 4 76mm guns (2 twin turrets), 2 twin 30mm AA guns, 1 RBU-2500 ASW RL

The Smolnyy or Smol'nyy (Russian Смольный) class training ships were built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1970s. The Soviet designation was Project 887. Two ships are operated by the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy


The ships designed to provide seagoing training facilities for the Soviet Navy. The ships had accommodation for 30 instructors and 300 cadets. They had a basic armament for self defence and patrol duties.


The ships were built in Szczecin, Poland for the Soviet Navy

  • Smolnyy (Смольный) - Launched 1976, Commissioned 1977, in Service with the Baltic Fleet
  • Perekop (Перекоп)- Commissioned 1978, in Service
  • Khasan (Хасан)-Commissioned 1980, Retired 1999 and scrapped


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