Splash (dinghy)

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Splash Dinghy
Current Specifications
Crew 1
Type Monohull
Design One-Design
Construction Fibreglass hull
LOA 3.5 m (11 ft)
Hull weight 55 kg (120 lb)
Total sail area 5.5 m2 (59 sq ft)

The Splash Dinghy is 3.5m in length and all boats are identical, thus, as is typical in One-Design classes, the sailor's ability rather than equipment is emphasised fleet racing. The boats employ an un-stayed mono rig with a sail area of 5.5 m2, which makes the class easy to handle by sailors ranging from 45 to 80kg. This, combined with the low hull weight of 55kg, allow the class to serve as a stepping stone between the Optimist Dinghy and boats such as the Laser Radial, suiting Sailors in the age range from 13 to 19 years.

Competitions are held at club, national and international level. In New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, and many other countries in Europe, the National Splash Associations arrange many events during the season, ranging from the traveller's ranking series, training camps, coaching, national champs, and world selection trials.

New boats cost around NZD$7500, but second hand boats are considerably cheaper and some clubs have schemes whereby sailors can charter boats until they decide to continue with the class. An another version of the Splash is available called the "Flash" it has more sail area and a longer boom but the same size hull, this boat is designed for sailors weighing over 70 Kg but it is not very common because most sailors prefer to move on to the Laser Radial where there is more competition . The splash is capable of speeds of over 10 knots on a broad reach, and has performance very similar to a laser 4.7. It is similar in appearance to a Laser hull but is shorter and wider and has a vertical bow.

World championships

The Splash is an ISAF international youth class yacht and each year a world championship is held.

Recent world championship venues have included Tavira, Portugal 2008, and Split, Croatia 2007. Ben Lutze of Taipa, Northland, New Zealand was the 2008 World Splash Champion.

The 2009 world champs were in; Pwllheli, Wales on 8th -14th August. Pwllheli Sailing Club

The 2010 world champs were in; Takapuna, Auckland on 2nd-8th January. Takapuna Boating Club the winner was New Zealander Chris Steele.

World Champions

Splash world champions
Year Winner Nationality, sail number Location
2000 Conrad Gair Template:NZL1346 Stavoren, NL
2001 Erwin Veldman Template:NED1488 Carnac, FRA
2002 Shandy Buckley Template:NZL1768 Weymouth, GBR
2003 Sandra van Meyden Template:NED1039 Stavoren, NL
2004 Jorne Knegt Template:NED1642 Nieuwpoort, BEL
2005 Hielke Dijkstra Template:NED1980 Puck,POL
2006 Blair Tuke Template:NZL2373 Riva,ITA
2007 Willemart Mathieu Template:BEL2253 Split,CRO
2008 Ben Lutze Template:NZL2488 Tavira, POR
2009 Declan Burn Template:NZL2592 Pwllheli, GBR
2010 Chris Steele Template:NZL1840 Takapuna Beach, NZL


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