TSS Stefan Batory

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TSS Stefan Batory
Career (Netherlands) Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Name: 1951—1968: TSS Maasdam IV
Owner: Holland America Lines
Port of registry: Netherlands
Ordered: 1950
Builder: Wilton-Fijenoord, Schiedam
Yard number: 733
Laid down: 19th December 1950
Launched: 5th April 1951 by Mrs. Adriaan Gips
Maiden voyage: 11th August 1952 RotterdamSouthamptonLe HavreMontrealNew York
In service: 1952—1966
Identification: 5216147
Career (Germany) 60px
Name: 1951—1968: TSS Maasdam IV
Operator: Europa-Kanada Linie subsidiary of Holland America Lines
Port of registry: 1966—1968: Bremen, Germany
In service: 1966—1968
Career (Poland) Flag of Poland.svg
Name: 1968—1990: TSS Stefan Batory
Operator: 1968—1988: Polish Ocean Lines
1988—1990: Hellenic Polish Line
Port of registry: Gdynia, Poland
Route: 1968—1988: GydniaMontreal
In service: 1968—1990
Career (Sweden) Flag of Sweden.svg
Name: 1990—2000 TSS Stefan
Owner: Stena AB
In service: 1990—1992 as accommodation for asylum seekers in Gothenburg, Sweden
Out of service: 1992—2000
Fate: Scrapped Aliağa, Turkey 2000
General characteristics
Type: Ocean liner
Tonnage: 15015
Length: 153.4 m (503 ft)
Beam: 21.1 m (69 ft)
Draught: 8.8 m (29 ft)
Decks: 10
Installed power: 6256 kW
Speed: 18 knots
Capacity: 783
First class: 39
Tourist class: 734
Crew: 336
File:Stefan Batory orkiestra.jpg
Stefan Batory's orchestra.

The TS/S Stefan Batory was built in Holland in 1952 under the name of SS Maasdam and was initially used to service the Dutch East Indies by the Holland America Line.

She was bought from Holland in 1968 and began service as a Polish ocean liner in April 1969 as a replacement for the obsolete MS Batory, both named after Stefan Batory (1533-1586), the famous king of Poland.

After she was refitted and renamed she became the flagship of the Polish Ocean Lines in the 1970s and 1980s and mainly sailed from Gdynia—Copenhagen—Rotterdam—London—Montreal—Southampton—Rotterdam—Copenhagen—Gdynia. She remained in service until 1988 and was the last regularly scheduled transatlantic liner. She was scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey in May 2000.[1]

Technical data

  • 10 decks
  • Tonnage — 15,024 BRT
  • Length — 153.4 m. (503 ft).
  • Width — 21.0 m. (69 ft).
  • Height — 21.0 m. (69 ft).
  • Speed — 16.5 knots
  • Passengers — 39 1st class; 734 tourist class.
  • Crew — 336.
  • Engines — gas powered steam turbine.
  • Stabilizers to reduce heeling (sailing).



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