Tunas Samudera

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Tunas Samudera (or KLD Tunas Samudera) is a two-masted schooner, or brgantine built in 1988 in United-Kingdom.[1] She is actually the school-ship of Royal Malaisian Navy (Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia (TLDM)).


The Tunas Samudera was built at English yard Booke Yachts in Lowestoft. She was launched in 1989 and christened by The HM the Queen Elisabeth II and the King of Malaisia,the Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak.

Her sister ship is Young Endeavour of Royal Australian Navy, designed by naval architect Colin Mudie ofRoyal Designers for Industry , also designer of Tarangini of Indian Navy and the British sister-ship TS Lord Nelson.

She is involved in different Tall Ships' Races.

In 2007 and 2008 Tunas Samudera called in several Europeans ports as Cherbourg and Brest in France sailing around the world with a crew of 46.


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