USC&GS Romblon

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USC&GS Romblon in the Philippine Islands at a coal pier her crew built
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Name: USC&GS Romblon
Namesake: Romblon, an island in the Philippine Islands
Commissioned: 1905
Decommissioned: 1921
General characteristics
Type: Survey ship
Length: 132 feet (40 m)
Beam: 23 feet (7.0 m)
Draught: 10.2 feet (3.1 m)
Propulsion: Steam engine

USC&GS Romblon was a survey ship in service in the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey from 1905 to 1921. She served in the Philippine Islands throughout her career.

In 1913, tragedy struck Romblon when a seaman from her crew died on Culion Island in the Calamianes Islands in Palawan Province. The man was believed to have been murdered by Tagbanuas tribesmen.

On more than once occasion, Romblon rendered assistance to mariners in distress. On 3 December 1916, Romblon searched for two men who had been blown offshore in a banca attempting to cross from Cuyo Island to Biscuay Island. She found them on Capnoyan Island, rescued them, and returned them to their homes on Cuyo Island. On 12 October 1918 she towed the disabled steamship SS Palawan from off the entrance to Manila Bay to Manila Harbor at Manila on Luzon.

Romblon was retired from service in 1921.