USCGC Itasca (1907)

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Career (United States)
Name: Itasca
Namesake: Lake Itasca
Owner: U.S. Coast Guard
Builder: Moore & Sons
Laid down: 1891
Launched: 30 April 1892
Sponsored by: Miss Mary Frances Moore
Recommissioned: 17 July 1907, as the Itasca
Decommissioned: 1922
Renamed: 23 July 1906
Fate: Sold, 11 May 1922
General characteristics
Length: 190 feet
Propulsion: triple expansion steam engine
Sail plan: barquentine

The Itasca was a 190-foot barquentine-rigged cutter, formerly a U.S. Navy training ship, the USS Bancroft.[1] The commissioning of Itasca ushered in a new age of training with more modern equipment, and a triple-expansion steam engine that could power the cutter when sailing was not possible.[2]