USNS Bull Run (T-AO-156)

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Laid down: July, 1943
Commissioned: 1956
Decommissioned: 1957
Fate: Converted to Container Carrier - 1969
General characteristics

The SS Bull Run was a type T2 tanker built at Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. in Chester, PA as hull number 287 and USMC number 362 in 1943. In 1956, the ship was acquired by the US Navy from the Maritime Administration, assigned to MSTS, and placed in-service as the USNS Bull Run (T-AO-156). It left the navy in 1957, going back to the Maritime Administration. In 1969, the stern of the Bull Run was attached to the bow of the Type C4 ship the Anchorage, and the completed ship then retained the name Anchorage. The bow of the Bull Run was then scrapped.