USNS Cheyenne (T-AG-174)

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Career (USA)
Name: USNS Cheyenne
Namesake: An Algonquian tribe of Native Americans formerly roving between the Arkansas and Missouri rivers.
Builder: Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation, Portland, Oregon
Laid down: date unknown, under U.S. Maritime Commission contract MCV-693
Launched: date unknown
In service: 1962 as USNS Cheyenne (T-AG-174)
Out of service: date unknown
Struck: 15 June 1973
Fate: disposed of by MARAD sale, 1 May 1973
General characteristics
Type: Phoenix-class miscellaneous auxiliary
Tonnage: 6,700 tons
Tons burthen: 15,900 tons
Length: 455' 3"
Beam: 62'
Draft: 28' 5"
Propulsion: steam turbine, single shaft, 8,500hp
Speed: 17 knots
Complement: 50 officers and enlisted
Armament: not known

USNS Cheyenne (T-AG-174) was a Phoenix-class miscellaneous auxiliary acquired by the U.S. Navy in 1962, crewed by a civilian crew from the Military Sea Transportation Service, and sent to the Philippines to serve as a delivery ship of parts and supplies to other Navy ships and stations in the Asian area. Cheyenne remained in the Philippines, issuing parts and other supplies, until the early 1970s, being struck by the Navy in 1973.

Built in Portland, Oregon

Cheyenne was constructed under U.S. Maritime Commission contract (MCV-693) at Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation, Portland, Oregon. Her launch date is unknown. In 1962 Cheyenne was placed in-service as USNS Cheyenne (T-AG-174), 1962, a Special Project Ship, manned by the Military Sea Transportation Service with a civilian crew.

Vietnam conflict operations

DANFS has no information on the operation of this ship. However, a review of the history of USNS Phoenix (T-AG-172) and USNS Provo (T-AG-173) indicates her operations to be similar to theirs: acting as a point to point cargo carrier, delivering military supplies to Okinawa and Viet Nam from stocking points in Japan and Subic Bay.

Post-war decommissioning

Along with Phoenix and Provo, Cheyenne was struck from the Navy list on 15 June 1973 and disposed of by MARAD sale, 1 May 1973. Her ultimate fate is not known.