USS Antietam (1864)

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Career (US) 100x35px
Builder: Philadelphia Navy Yard
Laid down: 1864
Launched: 1869
In service: 1876
Out of service: 1888
Struck: 1888 (est.)
Homeport: League Island, Pennsylvania
Fate: sold, 8 September 1888
General characteristics
Displacement: 3,953 tons
Length: 312' 6" (between perpendiculars)
Beam: 46' 0"
Draught: 18' 3"
Propulsion: sail and steam engine
Speed: not known
Complement: not known
Armament: not known

USS Antietam (1864) was constructed during the final years of the American Civil War but was not launched because the war was winding down in the Union’s favor. She was eventually placed into service and used as a storeship and as a barracks ship until she was disposed of in 1888.

Laid down during the Civil War

The first U.S. Navy ship to be so named, Antietam was a screw sloop of war laid down in 1864 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard but was not finished by the end of the American Civil War. Instead, she remained on the stocks, about two-thirds completed until 1869.

Conversion to storeship

At that time, it was decided to complete her as an equipment storeship. She served as a storeship and marine barracks at League Island, Pennsylvania from 1876 to 1888.

Final disposition

File:USS Antietam sailors in training.jpg
Midshipman studying model of Antietam 1904.

On 8 September 1888, Antietam was sold to Mr. C. H. Gregory of Thomaston, New York.

Midshipman training

The photo at right shows Midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1905 receiving instruction in sail rig Antietam, circa 1904. The officer may be Lt. Comdr. H. A. Bispham, heading from the Seamanship Department's model of the department.