USS Chattanooga (1864)

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USS Chattanooga as designed.jpg
USS Chattanooga as designed.
Career (US) 100x35px
Builder: William Cramp and Sons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Laid down: date unknown
Launched: 13 October 1864, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commissioned: 16 May 1866
Decommissioned: 3 September 1866 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard
Struck: 1871 (est.)
Fate: hulk sold in January 1872
General characteristics
Displacement: 3,233 tons
Length: 315'
Beam: 46'
Draught: 20' 6"
Propulsion: sail and steam engine
Speed: 14 knots
Complement: not known
Armament: eight 8-inch smoothbores
three 60-pounder rifled guns
two 24-pounder howitzers

USS Chattanooga (1864) was constructed during the final years of the American Civil War but was not launched because the war was winding down in the Union’s favor. She was eventually placed into wet storage until she was holed by ice in 1872.

Laid down during the Civil War

The first U.S. Navy ship to be so named, was built in Bridgeport, Alabama in October 1863 and the second ship Chattanooga, a screw steamer, was launched 13 October 1864 by William Cramp and Sons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and completed by the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Commissioned on 16 May 1866 with Captain J. P. McKinstry in command. The Chattanooga was named after the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Decommissioned after sea trials

USS Chattanooga final configuration.

After final trials in August 1866, Chattanooga returned to the Philadelphia Navy Yard where she was decommissioned 3 September 1866. She remained inactive there and at League Island, where in December 1871 she was holed and sunk at her dock by floating ice.

Final disposition

The hulk was sold in January 1872.