USS Evea (YT-458)

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Career (United States) 100x35px
Name: USS Resolute 16 May 1943–9 June 1943
USS Evea 9 June 1943–11 November 1944
Namesake: Resolute: marked by firm determination; resolved (previous name retained)
Evea, a prominent Native American Comanche chief
Acquired: 16 May 1943
Renamed: USS Evea 9 June 1943
Reclassified: Large harbor tug, YTB-458, 15 May 1944
Fate: Transferred to French Navy 11 November 1944
Later returned to United States and sold
General characteristics
Type: Tug

USS Evea (YT-458), originally the sixth USS Resolute (YT-458), later YTB-458, was a United States Navy tug in commission from 1943 to 1944.

The tug Resolute was acquired by the U.S. Navy on 16 May 1943 and placed in service as harbor tug USS Resolute (YT-458). She was renamed USS Evea (YT-458) on 9 June 1943. Assigned duty in North African waters, she was reclassified as a "large harbor tug" and redesignated YTB-458 on 15 May 1944.

Evea was transferred to the French Navy under Lend-Lease on 11 November 1944. France later returned Evea to the United States, after which she was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register and sold.