USS Fair American (1812)

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Name: USS Fair American
Acquired: October 1812
Fate: Sold 15 May 1815
General characteristics
Displacement: 82 tons
Propulsion: Sail
Complement: 52
Armament: 1 x 32-pounder, 1 x 12-pounder

USS Fair American was a United States Navy schooner which served in the War of 1812, taking part in several engagements on Lake Ontario.

The vessel was bought in October 1812 at Oswego, New York, and was based along with the rest of her squadron at Sackets Harbor, New York during the winter of 1812-1813, after which she supported land operations around Lake Ontario, including the landing of General Henry Dearborn's force of 1,700 troops resulting in the capture of York (now Toronto) on 27 April 1813.

In 1814, the ship was converted into a transport and used to ferry supplies and troops. With the conclusion of the war, the ship was sold at Sacketts Harbor on 16 May 1815.


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