USS Shearwater (1887)

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Name: USS Shearwater
Namesake: Any of numerous oceanic birds related to the petrels and albatrosses that usually skim close to the waves in flight
Owner: H. R. Wolcott
Builder: Hawthorne and Company at Leith, Scotland
Laid down: date unknown
Completed: in 1887
Acquired: by the U.S. Navy on 9 May 1889
In service: 31 December 1898 (as a training ship)
Out of service: 24 April 1908
Struck: 24 April 1908
Fate: sold in 1908
General characteristics
Type: schooner
Displacement: not known
Beam: not known
Draft: not known
Propulsion: schooner sail
Complement: not known
Armament: not known
Armor: steel

USS Shearwater (1887) was a schooner acquired by the U.S. Navy in 1889. She served the Navy until 1898, when she was loaned to Pennsylvania as a training ship. She remained in service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, until struck and sold in 1908.

A yacht constructed in Scotland

The first ship so named by the Navy, Shearwater, a steel schooner-rigged yacht, was built in 1887 by Hawthorne and Company at Leith, Scotland, and purchased by the Navy on 9 May 1889 from H. R. Wolcott.

Service as a schoolship

Loaned to the Pennsylvania Naval Militia on 31 December 1898, she served as a training ship at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

Struck in 1908

Shearwater was struck from the Navy list on 24 April 1908. She was sold in the Fall of 1908 to Mr. Samuel B. Wilson and delivered to him at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

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