USS Skenandoa (YT-336)

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Name: USS Skenandoa
Namesake: Skendandoa (1710-1816), also known as Oskanondonha, a Christianized chief of the Oneida tribe who was friendly to the American colonists and persuaded the Oneida to remain neutral during the American Revolution.
Completed: 1909
Acquired: 11 February 1943
Reclassified: From harbor tug, YT-336, to medium harbor tug, YTM-336, 15 May 1944
Fate: Returned to owner 25 January 1946
Notes: Operated as commercial tug Mathilda Foss 1909-1943
General characteristics
Type: Harbor tug
Length: 91 ft 0 in (27.74 m)

The first USS Skenandoa (YT-33t6), later YTM-336, was a United States Navy harbor tug in service from 1943 to 1946.

Skenandoa was built as the commercial tug Mathilda Foss in 1909. The U.S. Navy acquired her for World War II service on 11 February 1943 and placed her in service as USS Skenandoa (YT-336).

Skenandoa spent her Navy career operating in the Hawaiian Islands. She was reclassified as a medium harbor tug and redesignated YTM-336 on 15 May 1944.

The Navy returned Skenandoa to her owners on 25 January 1946.