Vergulde Draeck

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Name: Vergulde Draeck
Launched: 1653
Fate: Wrecked, 28 April 1656
General characteristics
Displacement: 260 tonnes
Length: 137.3 feet (41.8 m)
Beam: 32 feet (9.8 m)
Draft: 13.5 feet (4.1 m)

The Vergulde Draeck (Gilded Dragon) was a Dutch merchant ship of the seventeenth century. She sailed from Texel bound for Batavia (now Jakarta), but on 28 April 1656 was wrecked off Ledge Point, 107 km north of what is now Perth, Western Australia. 75 survivors (of 193 originally on board) made it to shore and dispatched a small boat to Batavia to call for help, but despite three search and rescue missions to locate them, the remaining survivors were never found. The wreck was discovered in 1963.


Henderson, James A. (1982). Marooned: The Wreck of the Vergulde Draeck and the Abandonment and Escape from the Southland of Abraham Leeman in 1658. St. George Books. ISBN 0867780185. 

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