Viksund Yachts of Norway

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Viksund Yachts of Norway
Industry Yacht Building
Founded 1966
Headquarters Bergen, Norway
Key people Rune Viksund (C.E.O.))
Products Yachts
Website Official Website
The Viksund factory situated in idyllic surroundings in the harbour of Strusshamn

Viksund Yachts of Norway[1] are a Norwegian motor yacht builder, currently owned by Rune Viksund .

Started in 1966 by Erling Viksund, the company presently builds motor yachts in its original Strusshamn base. Situated in idyllic surroundings on the island of Askøy just outside Bergen.


The company was formed in 1966, establishing themselves in an old Seafarm-house in Bergen. This is where the first Viksund boat ever was launched, the Viksund 25 Sabbcruiser.

Being among the pioneers in fibre glass boat building in Norway, there was a bit of a scepticism in the market. Theses sceptics was quickly overwon, and it didn't take the Viksund company many years to outgrow their production facility. By the late sixties the course was set for Strusshamn, where the factory is situated today.

The Viksund company established themselves as one, if not, the biggest Norwegian boat-building companies throughout the seventies and the eighties. At this time they were producing both fishing vessels, and commercial vessels. The export was big, and boats were delivered to countries as far away as Africa, the far east, South America and the US. Today you will find both old and new Viksund boats worldwide.

In the late eighties the company was hit hard by a fall in the market. The company had to undergo a re-structure, but sat sail for the nineties with optimism. New models were developed, and by the late nineties the Viksund company were yet again among the biggest boat building companies in the nation.

Throughout the last ten years, the company has staked a new course now focusing exclusively on building motor yachts ranging from 30-40 feet. Today the company produces the models Viksund 320 , Viksund 340 St Cruz , and the Viksund 360 St Cruz . The are also developing a new model the Viksund 390 St Cruz, which is to be launched by the spring of 2009.

The Viksund 27 columbi was one of many classic models developed by Viksund throughout the seventies

Viksund today

The company is now employing approximatively seventy people with a yearly turnover around 18,5 million USD (2007). Viksund is producing about 80 yachts a year, and is run by founder Erling Viksunds son Rune Viksund.

The export rate of the company is around 35% and the main export countries are Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Russia.

Viksund Yachts of Norway are well known for producing yachts for 365 days of use. Situated on the rough western coast of Norway they are equipped with one of the best testing areas for boats, the north sea. This is probably also why they have had the slogan "renowned for safety at sea" throughout their over forty years of existence.

In 2008 Viksund Asia opened a new production and distribution point in Negombo, Sri Lanka. The boats are distributed to Maldives and other Asian countries. [2]



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