French ship Indivisible (1799)

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File:Capture swifsure.jpg
Capture of HMS Swiftsure by Indivisible and Dix-Août
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Name: Indivisible
Launched: 1799
Renamed: Alexandre on 5 February 1803
General characteristics
Displacement: 1800 tonnes
Length: 59.3 metres
Beam: 15.3 metres
Draught: 7.8 metres
Propulsion: Sail

80 guns
30 36-pounders
32 24-pounders
18 12-pounders

4 36-pounder howitzers
Armour: Timber

Indivisible was a Tonnant class 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy.

Originally named the Indivisible in 1793, she was commissioned in Toulon on 23 September 1800. On 5 February 1803, she was renamed Alexandre, and recommissioned in Brest under captain Leveyer.

In December, under captain Garreau, she was part of Leissègues' squadron bound for San Domingo. She took part in the subsequent Battle of San Domingo, where she was badly damaged by the fire of HMS Superb, which left her adrift, her rigging shot off and her rudder destroyed. She was taken by HMS Spencer.

From 1808, she was used as a gunpowder hulk in Plymouth, and was eventually broken up in 1822.

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