Tonnant class ship of the line

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A Tonnant-class ship of the line, HMS Canopus, the former Franklin
Class overview
Builders:Toulon, Brest and Rochefort
Operators: French Navy
 Royal Navy
Preceded by:Deux Frères
Succeeded by:Bucentaure class
General characteristics
Type: ship of the line
Displacement: 1800 tonnes
Length: 59.3 metres
Beam: 15.3 metres
Draught: 7.8 metres
Propulsion: Sail

80 guns
30 36-pounders
32 24-pounders
18 12-pounders

4 36-pounder howitzers
Armour: Timber

Ships in class include: Tonnant, Indomptable, Sans Pareil, Formidable, Guillaume Tell, Franklin, Indivisible,


The Tonnant Class was a class of eight 80-gun ships of the line designed in 1787 by Jacques-Noël Sané. From 1802 a new group (the Bucentaure class) was begun of slightly modified design, of which more than 24 were begun.

Tonnant Class (8 ships)

Builder: Toulon
Begun: December 1787
Launched: 24 October 1789
Completed September 1790
Fate: Captured 2 August 1798, added to Royal Navy as HMS Tonnant, broken up 1821
Builder: Brest
Begun: September 1788
Launched: 20 December 1790
Completed: February 1791
Fate: Ran aground after the Battle of Trafalgar October 1805
Builder: Brest
Begun: October 1790
Launched: 8 June 1793
Completed: September 1793
Fate: Captured 1 June 1794 by the Royal Navy, broken up October 1842
Builder: Toulon
Begun: August 1794
Launched: 17 March 1795
Completed: October 1795
Fate: Captured 3 November 1805 during Battle of Cape Ortegal, renamed HMS Brave, broken up
Builder: Toulon
Begun: September 1794
Launched: 21 October 1795
Completed: July 1796
Fate:Captured 30 March 1800
Builder: Toulon
Begun: November 1794
Launched: 25 June 1797
Completed: March 1798
Fate: Captured 2 August 1798 in the battle of the Nile, renamed HMS Canopus, broken up October 1887
Builder: Brest
Begun: May 1793
Launched: 8 July 1799
Completed: October 1799
Fate: Renamed Alexandre 1802, captured by Britain 1805, BU 1822
Builder: Rochefort
Ordered: December 1793
Launched: 18 May 1799
Completed: August 1800
Fate: Broken up 1834
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