Kaskelot (tall ship)

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Kaskelot is the flagship of the Square Sail fleet and is based out of her homeport of Charlestown, Cornwall, UK (though registered to Bristol). She is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission. The Kaskelot was built in 1948 by J. Ring Andersen for the Royal Greenland Trading Company and brought supplies to remote coastal settlements in East Greenland. During the 1960s, Kaskelot worked as a support vessel for fisheries in the Faroe Islands.

Square Sail purchased her in 1981, then renovated her, redesigning and re-rigging her to replicate the Terra Nova. She has been used for filming movies, and is also used for sail training programmes.

Film credits

Kaskelot has appeared in the following film and television productions:[1]

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