Patapsco class gasoline tanker

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USS Patapsco (AOG-1)
USS Patapsco (AOG-1)
Class overview
Builders:Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corporation
Cargill Inc.
Operators: United States Navy
In commission:1943–1960s
General characteristics
Type: Gasoline tanker
Displacement: 1,850 long tons (1,880 t) light
4,130 long tons (4,196 t) full load
Length: 310 ft 9 in (94.72 m)
Beam: 48 ft 6 in (14.78 m)
Draft: 15 ft 6 in (4.72 m)
Propulsion: 4 × General Electric diesel-electric engines, twin shafts, 3,300 hp (2,461 kW)
Speed: 15.5 knots (17.8 mph; 28.7 km/h)
Capacity: 1,850 long tons (1,880 t) dwt
Complement: 131
Armament: • 4 × 3"/50 caliber guns
• 12 × 20 mm AA guns

The Patapsco-class of gasoline tankers were a class of tankers built for the United States Navy during World War II. The class consisted of 23 tankers, designated AOG-1 through AOG-11, and AOG-48 to AOG-59.



This article includes text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.