A. J. Meerwald

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Career (USA) United States
Name: A.J. Meerwald
Owner: Bayshore Discovery Project
Ordered: 1928
Builder: Charles H. Stowman & Sons shipyard
Acquired: 1989
Fate: educational vessel
General characteristics
Type: two-masted gaff schooner
Tonnage: 57 tons
Length: 85 feet (26 m) on deck
Beam: 22 feet (6.7 m)
Height: 70 feet (21 m)
Draft: 6 feet (1.8 m)
Propulsion: sail; auxiliary engine
Sail plan: mainsail, foresail, large jib
Capacity: 44 passengers
Notes: oak hull; 3,562 square feet (330.9 m2) total sail area

The A.J. Meerwald is the state ship of New Jersey. She is a restored oyster dredging schooner, whose home port is in Bivalve, Commercial Township, New Jersey. Launched in 1928, A.J. Meerwald was one of hundreds of schooners built along South Jersey's Delaware Bayshore before the decline of the shipbuilding industry which coincided with the Great Depression. Today, A.J. Meerwald is used by the Bayshore Discovery Project[1] for onboard educational programs in the Delaware Bay near Bivalve, and at other ports in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware region. The A.J. Meerwald was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 7, 1995.[2]

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Office of the Bayshore Discovery Project.

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