Albion Ferry

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The Albion Ferry in its last month of operation, 2009 (Photo:Mark Forsythe)

The Albion Ferry, also known as the Fort Langley Ferry, was a free passenger and vehicle ferry service that was sailing across the Fraser River from June 7, 1957 to July 31, 2009. The ferry ran every 15 minutes, from 5:30am until 1:30am, on the Fraser River between Albion, in Maple Ridge, and McMillan Island which is adjacent to Fort Langley, in the Township of Langley in the Lower Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.

The two ferries, the Kulleet and the Klatawa were operated by TransLink, the regional transit authority in the Greater Vancouver Area. Previous vessels included the T'Lagunna, which is the Halqemeylem name for the Golden Ears. The ferry service was scheduled to retire when the Golden Ears Bridge opened, on June 16, 2009 (to traffic).[1] The last sailings for both ferries took place on July 31, 2009 just after 12:00 pm PST.[2]

At the end of its life the ferry employed 59 full-time and 18 auxiliary employees, with annual traffic amounting to 1.5 million vehicles and 4.0 million passengers. At its 50th anniversary party in June 2007 it was designated as a historical place in Maple Ridge.

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